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Thursday, 08 April 2010 14:02

The facial makeup in Beijing opera sells wellan Israeli businessman told the

journalist with a series of facial makeup medals in Beijing opera in his hands inMIKOa creative gift shop in the International Trade Market .Goods with Chinese features are always popular with foreign businessmen and the sales are goodsaid Ying Wenyangthe shop owner. Traditional Chinese elements

appeal to foreign businessmenMany foreign businessmen are fond of products with Chinese featuresYing Wenyang said . The Chinese features win the favor of many foreign businessmen .The goods with Chinese features are especially aimed at those foreigners .

At a doll shop in the International Trade Marketthe blonde dolls are dressed in the Chinese cheongsam or Tang suit . You are right . This doll sells well . Several days ago a French businessman came to discuss the purchasing with us at the first sight of these dollsthe shop owner told the journalist . And other dolls in ethnic minority costumes and with braids also win the favor of African businessmen an interpreter combed the market with a Korean businessman these days . This businessman ordered some lovely rabbit and frog toys with delicate bows in Chinese ink and wash painting styleshe said . The seller asked them to offer the bow materials .And this businessman searched for manufacturers with me in the market for two days . He didnt smile until we found one.

Creative goodsFunnyfashionable and practical Currently the weak competitive power of traditional goods and the low profits make our business

really hardYing Wenyang said . The emerging of creative goods not only caters for customersindividuality in modern society but also reflects businessmens innovation and ambition to seize the market with creative goods. Goods with special designs won the favor of foreign businessmen in the International Trade Market . Poached egg mouse padUSB warm slippersflush toiletshaped ashtrayrock-shaped radiomulti-functional kettle fan and dumpling-shaped piggy bank. These goods are fashionable and creative and no less practical than the traditional ones. Good design in the eyes of customers is half the battle.the boss said.


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