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Tuesday, 30 November 2010 00:43

  Every day ,a row o f trucks loaded with commodities pass the monitored area of Yiwu Customs,receiving security check . A container driver with Ningbo Port in East China’s Zhejiang Province said that with Yiwu customs clearance significantly speeded up,he can go home early .

  The city saw a rapid growth of commodity export this year,with daily export declaration in Yiwu International Logistics Center (ILC) up to 1,600 standard containers,an increase of 9 percent over last year .The coming holiday season will see more exports ,placing greater demands on the ILC . Recently,Yiwu authorities have taken measures to beef up services,ensuring faster customs clearance .

  Yiwu Transportation DevelopmentCo .,Ltd (TDC) improved clearance environment by updating its hardware facilities . It expanded and rebuilt checking areas by relocating an adjacent freight yard and adding 200 additional parking berths for container trucks , which significantly shortened the time for container sealing and seal examining; it updated the gates of customs supervision zone from “ 2 entries and 3 exits ” to “ 3 entries and 4 exits ” . Meanwhile , TDC coordinated with such functional departments as the Customs , armed police and traffic police , and established a long-term effective mechanism to cooperate with the Customs . It applied a “ staggered hours system ” . When it is heavy traffic period , more traffic personnel are disposed to maintain order and charge fees . It cooperated with the Customs to update clearance software system and simplify clearance procedures . And i t also coordinated wi t h t r a f f i cpolice to adjust vehicle routes ,effectively shortening up the clearance time


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