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Russian Businessman Shinwari:"I like stocking goods in Yiwu Mart,and I like using goods made in Yiwu." PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 06:22

  Accompanied by the Russian translator Mr.Lau, the Russian businessman with a white hair met me. "As a retired man, it is interesting to be interviewed,and it's also my first time to be with a foreign reporter." With Mr.Lau's help,Shinwari gave me a prologue like this, with a big smile.

 The man who lived in Moscow, has opened a supermarket chain which was named as "Sevastopal". "5 stores spread over the whole Moscow, and it also has agents in other Russian cities with a population more than one million." The household supplies, cosmetics,hardware applicanceShinwari had opened an office of Russian Floran foreign trade company inYiwu, which has dedicated to purchasing goods in Yiwu mart for "Sevastopal"es sold in "Sevastopal", are all purchased in Yiwu.

Going into Business in the 1990s and Getting to Know Yiwu In 1993, as a history teacher,Shinwari had a business trip to Harbin, the vigorous development of local business left him a deep impression. Having such an eye-opening experience in Harbin, Shinwari went into business soon after he back to Russia.Afterwards Shinwari, together with his friends, went to Beijing and Urumqi to wholesale bags, jewelry and clothing, then they shipped goods to Moscow for sale. Shinwari soon found out that large quantities of goods they purchased are produced in Yiwu, thereby aroused his intense curiosity.

In 2003, Shinwari finally came to Yiwu. "It was a small city, but the commoditymarket here is abundant in all kinds of goods!" Shinwari still remembered that the initial order was done in the commodity wholesale market near Hujiang Road and the old Binwang market. With a full joy,Shinwari set his restocking market in Yiwu.

"People in Yiwu are so smart to build this market!"Shinwari gave Yiwu a sincerely compliment, People in Yiwu were so smart to build this market, so smart to have the ability to gather products with the same category, and so smart to sell them with a price slightly higher than the manufacturer's price. "I've been to other cities in China which also have markets, but none of them can be compared with that in Yiwu, the large-scale distributing center.

Shinwari's Old friends like using goods Made in Yiwu According to the translator Lau, the T-shirt, underwears, socks, the suit,and the shoes Shinwari wore today were a l l products made in Yiwu.Shinwari said that half of every Russian's clothing were from Yiwu.He said a l l of his old friends grasped the chance he came to Yiwu,and gave him long shopping lists. "Last year I bought a high-necked thermal underwear in Yiwu, which looked nice and felt warm, all my friends ask me to buy more for them this year!"

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