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Thursday, 22 November 2012 12:53

PerhapslotsoftraderslikeYiwu because of this large World Market -Yiwu International Trade City, but only by enjoyingthe taste of Yiwu can these traders fall in love with this city. And  the taste of a city probably would change as strong contenders always sprout up and bringall local diners and
foreign traders the flavour of freshness.
Today we are honored to show all readers some extoic restaurants with great reputation lining the avenues and alleys of Yiwu city.
If you, as alocal citizen or a stranger just arriving in Yiwu city, want to enjoy the authentic Spanish cuisine  , you  could refer Mun diver Wine Club, a typical and the only Spanish cuisine restaurant &c lub in Yiwu.
 Once you push the wooden door you can feel a sense of a Mediterranean castle. Countless wine stoppers on the entire wall, arched doorways,
upholstered seat and sofa in black and red decorate the whole dining area a casual elegance; painting manuscripts of famous Spainish artists give an artistic air to the castle; and all the easily neglected artwares of small pieces, actually are where the real mood of romance stands.
  Many foreigners are affectionate with the world-famous Spanish Black Hoof Ham. The sliced ham with the accompany of soft French bread and pico
de gallo, could induce diners to have a good appetite. Spain seafood risotto is a worldfamous risotto - rice laying on an binaural iron pan mostly
shows its bright color between yellow and red; and chicken,duck, fish, shrimp, and even snails meat, any meat can be added to the rice, glowing this pan of rice a rich aroma.

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